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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Off to college: Add legal documents to the list of things they need.

There's so much to think about when a child reaches age 18 or goes off to college. You worry about your child having huge student loans, whether the roommate will make fun of the color of the comforter you chose, if they'll party instead of studying. But did you ever give a second thought to having them do a Power of Attorney for Health Care? Or signing a HIPAA release, authorizing you...

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Thanks to our readers: 50,000 page views in the past 12 months!

University of Illinois Extension reported today that this blog, Plan Well, Retire Well: Saving and Investing Your Money , is the second most popular of all the blogs hosted by U of I Extension. In the past twelve months, this blog has received more than 50,000 page views. We love seeing numbers like that for one reason: it means that people like you are taking the time to visit...

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Tips for Retirees in Today's Economy

Many of my posts focus on the needs of working-aged people. But today I want to focus on tips for those already in retirement. The last couple of years have been rough on everyone, but those who already traded a paycheck for retirement are particularly vulnerable to volatile stock markets, inflation, and other economic events. Here are ten tips that might help keep your retirement on an even fi...

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I Thought I was Diversified But ...

Devon believes that companies who produce cell phones stock prices are going to increase steadily in the next few years. However, Devon, can't decide which company will do the best; he buys 100 shares of three companies: Motorola, Apple, and Samsung. Is he diversified? If this is his complete stock portfolio, then no. All his investments are within one industry, and if this industry falters his...

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