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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Red Flags for Job Scams

Visiting with family at Thanksgiving makes this a special holiday. And, if your family is like mine, you may have been reminded just how many people are currently looking for work. Looking for a job is a stressful, difficult process. And then, on top of this, people need to be wary about job scams. Job scams make me angry! Being unemployed is difficult enough without having to worry abo...

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Green for the Holidays -- Money Saving Ideas

Recycle, reduce, reuse – these are familiar words year-round, but during the holidays it can seem like our mantra is more like buy, buy, and buy more! Are you looking for some creative ways to stretch your dollars (and be green) this holiday season? Consider these ideas: Give gift certificates or IOUs that use your time and talents. Send greeting cards only to tho...

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Investor asks, Is this all I get for doing everything right?

After a recent workshop on investing, one participant came up to ask this question: "My investments are diversified, I've paid attention to my asset allocation, and I stuck with my investments through the craziness of 2000 as well as 2008-2009. And I'm barely breaking even! Is this all I get for supposedly doing everything right for the past ten years?"...

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Can't See the (Financial) Forest for the Trees

We often talk about investing for the long-term, and the importance of not making knee-jerk decisions as the stock market falters or surges. But it's hard to not focus on today's headlines or your latest mutual fund report when making financial decisions. Recently I read two articles that helped me regain my financial perspective. Over Time Extremes Happen...

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