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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

New Limits on Social Security

You've probably read or heard about someone filing for Social Security, but later withdrawing his application to get higher benefits. Here's how it worked: The worker filed for benefits as early as age 62. At a later age, the worker withdrew that application and paid back all benefits received,...

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Technology: Savvy Shopping for the Holidays

How's your holiday shopping going? This year I found myself using some new tools to do my shopping; not only was it fun but it saved me money too! Internet Shopping Lots of us have been shopping on the Internet in the past few years – and using the Internet to do comparison shopping as well. A recent survey by Pew Internet found that 58% of Americans now r...

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Is it time to trade in my credit card?

I'm continuing to evaluate the basic financial products that I use. Last week, I invited you to look over my shoulder as I investigated whether my current checking account was still the best one for my needs. This week, I'm applying the same thinking to one of my major credit cards. We'll call it Card A. Step 1: Look at how I use the card and figure out what card terms...

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Is it time to trade in my checking account?

Like most people, my basic money management tools include a checking account, an atm/debit card, and a few credit cards. Lately, I've been wondering whether my current tools are still the best ones for me. Maybe you'd like to look over my shoulder as I evaluate whether changes are needed. Let's start with the checking account. How I use this account has changed quite a bit over the year...

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