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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

People So Fearful They Do Not Take Action on Their Finances

At the Financial Planning Day held here at the University of Illinois on October 8, 2010, Thomas Howard of Harris Investor Services and President of the Illinois Financial Planning Association stated in his remarks that he sees a "public so fearful that they do not take action" with respect to their finances. The U of Illinois Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics Financial Planning...

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Income Taxes: Using Withholding and Estimated Taxes to Plan for 2011

While you're pulling together the information to file your 2010 income taxes, give a thought to your 2011 taxes. You might need to adjust how much is being withheld from your paycheck. Or, you might need to make estimated tax payments . The goal is to ensure that you have paid enough taxes to avoid an...

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credit wisely

3 Steps to Take Control of Your Credit Card Debt

Here we are in January and the bills have started to arrive. Oops – who knew the fun we had in December would add up to be quite so much! Well, now is a good time to assess our financial situation and take steps to improve it. For example, if you are carrying a balance on your credit cards from one month to the next, set a goal for paying the balance down. This can be challenging but thes...

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The Simplest Estate Planning Tool: POD

According to a survey conducted for in December 2009, 65% of Americans do not have a will. But here's the good news: Even without a will, you can manage who will inherit many of your assets and make it easy for them to take ownership of those accounts. This little t...

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Favorite Posts in 2010

Before jumping into the New Year, I like to reflect on 2010: think about what went well as well as what I'd like to do to improve 2010. The Plan Well, Retire Well Blog has been going strong for three years now and we've covered lots of different financial topics. What we write about each week reflects what's going on in our own lives as well as changes in financial tools and strategies...

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