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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Financial Impact of Storms and Power Outages

Major storms can be more than an inconvenience – they can also hurt you financially. Did you lose power during the recent storms? If the power outage resulted in food spoilage or other losses, you may be able to request reimbursement from your utility company. Check claim forms such as the one for...

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Time to Plan a Treasury Hunt

Treasurer offices across the United States have been left holding the bag; the bag with your unclaimed property in it! Each year, millions of dollars of unclaimed or abandoned property is turned over to state treasurer offices across the country. To date, it is estimated that over $32 billion of unclaimed property is waiting to be found. In Illinois, our treasurer's office has been going around...

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Teaching money management: in with the new, out with the old

Should I still be teaching people how to write checks , use a checkbook register, and to balance their checkbook? I recently attended an excellent presentation by Brenda Cude, Ph.D.,Professor, Department of Housing and Consumer Economics, University of Georgia, about the concept of financial literacy: wha...

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George Dawson on Money Management

George Dawson grew up around Marshall, Texas on a dirt-poor farm and lived a remarkable life. He died about ten years ago and he was well known for having learned how to read when he was 98 years old. The book Life is So Good tells his story (co-authored by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman) and if you are ever looking for an enjoyable book that is captivating and uplifting you might...

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What Is That Mysterious Charge?

I think one of the tricks to using money wisely is to be conscious of where my money goes – how I spend, save and invest it. To be conscious, I need to slow down. This is one of my financial goals for 2011 – and I have "found" money in places I didn't expect it. For example, looking over credit card statements I have found reoccurring charges for services we no longer want (such as...

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