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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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Shopping for Lumens (aka Light Bulbs)

Stroll down a light bulb aisle at your local hardware store and you may be amazed at the choices. And, you may be confused! I know that I have been. Well, after reading several articles and spending time wandering around the light bulb aisles, I have some suggestions that may help you choose light bulbs. First, shop for lumens rather than watts. Watts are a measure of how much energy...

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Hello Holiday Season

When the leaves start to change color, it seems as though the holiday season starts up and keeps going into the New Year. While the holidays can be a wonderful time, it also can be a time of high expenses. This year, start the holiday season by deciding how much you can comfortably spend and set-up a spending plan. Enjoy the holidays by planning your spending wisely. Traditionally we ta...

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Old Debt: Does It Ever Go Away?

"I have a bill from six years ago that I never paid. If I made a payment on it now, would it re-start the seven year clock for getting it off my credit report?" This question frequently comes in my workshops, so it is obviously an area of confusion. The short answer is, No, making a payment on an old debt does not re-set the seven year clock for being reported on your credit history. H...

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Evaluating Financial Education Workshops

How do you evaluate your sources of financial information? How do you "investigate" a person teaching a financial workshop? I recently received an email from a library that I have partnered with in the past. They were contacted by a man offering to teach a series of workshops about retirement planning at the library. He would charge participants a registration fee, which would be passed through...

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