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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Holiday Blast from the Past

My holiday plans this year include an interesting mix of tradition and a little bit new. And, as usual, I find myself striving to find a balance between time and money; always a challenge but especially during the holiday season. Reading over blog posts from previous years, I found that several holiday posts were helpful to me and still relevant. I thought you might enjoy them too. Past...

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shopping online

Keep Online/Mobile Shopping Secure

We'll shop 'til we drop -- and then go home to shop online! According to a recent study by McAfee , 70% of those surveyed plan to shop online this holiday season AND a surprising 1 in 4 (24%) of them plan to use their mobile devices. Wh...

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Box of tools small

Do You Want a Reloadable Debit Card in Your Financial Toolbox?

Imagine you're at a store watching someone pay for their purchase. The total bill is rung-up and the shopper reaches into his wallet and pulls out – what? It could be cash, or a debit card from their local bank, or a credit card, or it could even be a reloadable debit card. Yes, we now have one more way to pay for things! And, like most financial tools, pros and cons exist for using these ca...

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