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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Yes, Advance Directives Do Help

This is a continuation of a blog thread that Karen Chan began a couple of weeks ago. Karen and I both recently lost a loved one and th...

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Financial Fraud: Do You Believe that It Could Happen to You?

Nationally the problem of consumer fraud is huge. The Financial Fraud Research Center in in their report "Scams, Schemes & Swindles: A Review of Consumer Financial Fraud Research" estimates the annual cost of consumer financial fraud in the U.S. as approximately $50 billion." It's not only the financial amount loss that hurts victims; victims also lose time and may be affected psych...

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Losing a Loved One

In the past few months, both of us – Kathy and Karen – have lost a close relative. We have been experiencing firsthand some of the challenges that, up until now, we have only heard and read about. We decided to share some of those experiences with you here on our blog. Neither of us is an attorney or an authority on estate planning, and these posts will NOT give any kind...

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Tooth Fairy App

How Money Savvy is the Tooth Fairy?

Just what can we learn from the Tooth Fairy about money? Well, to start with, it seems that the Tooth Fairy feels that economic conditions in the U. S. are improving. A survey released by Visa shows...

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A Quick Financial Checklist

How are you doing financially? No, I'm not asking how you think you're doing, or how you feel about your financial situation. I'm asking about cold, hard facts: How are you doing? Let's talk about some ways to get a handle on this. Answer these questions to get a quick sense of whether you're in financial quicksand, or on more sold ground. 1 .Are you behind on any bil...

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