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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Pay Down Debt or Invest My Money?

Should I pay extra on my student loan or invest in a Roth IRA? Build up an emergency savings fund or pay off my credit card debt? Pay off my mortgage or put more money in my 401(k) retirement plan? In one form or another, the trending question lately has been, "Is it better to pay down debt or build up savings and investments?" Like many real-life questions, the answer is not black and white....

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Protect Your Loved One's Identity after Death

In Loved One's Documents Go Missing and Others Materialize Karen wrote about the challenges of tracking down documents after her father died. Sometimes when a close relativ...

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Tuition and Fees Deduction Keeps Going, and Going, and Going . . . at least until the end of 2013

This deduction has driven me crazy over the years. When the Higher Education Expense Deduction (aka Tuition and Fees Deduction) was introduced in 2002, it was supposed to be temporary and expire at the end of 2005. It has now been extended a total of 4 times, two of which were retroactive after it had already expired. The deduction is now scheduled to expire at the end of 2013. Who knows what w...

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Shopping Clubs-Buyer Beware!

My husband and I were shopping at a local shopping club the other day. I'll admit it- I LOVE shopping there since I really don't like shopping all that much. The idea that I can buy in bulk and make fewer trips and less time shopping overall appeals to me, after all I am getting a bargain .... Right?? Whoa! Not so fast. In order to save money at membership clubs like Sam's, BJ's and Cos...

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graduation rev

Save on Income Taxes if You're Paying for College, or Saving for It

Tax Breaks for Higher Education website revised for 2013. Paying for college is one of the biggest financial commitments a parent or child makes in his lifetime. University of Illinois Extension's webpage, Tax Breaks for Higher Education , explains the tax breaks that can help ease the financial burden of saving for...

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