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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Saving For College: Graduating With the Least Amount of Debt

Today we are featuring a guest post by Katie Bryan , from America Saves. By June most recent high school graduates know what college they are going to, but many of them may still not know how they are going to pay for it. We've heard the stats that the aver...

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Beware the Thief at the Grocery Store

I have been paying attention to prices in the grocery store lately, especially when on the news there are multiple stories about the price of meat going up or how the weather is affecting the crop plantings of feed for the meat animals. I am not directly affected by the recent increase in meat prices because I have a freezer at home and tend to buy in bulk when I find a good deal and fr...

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Bills, Surprises, and Quick Decisions when You Lose a Loved One

When our father, died, I think my sister and I both felt like we were wading through a sea of details. Individually, most of them weren't a big deal. But the volume and speed with which they had to be handled made it stressful. Depending on the situation of your loved one, these things might be different for you. But perhaps reading about our experience will help you think about the things you...

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Small Sips Add Up!

My grocery cart last week was heavy with drinks! It's easy to fill-up your grocery cart with cans and bottles of beverages during the hot summer months. As the dollars rang up at the register, it made me stop and think about where my dollars were going. Probably one reason I was paying attention to these costs is I was also thinking about juggling dollars this summer so that we could pay for a fam...

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