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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Moving Moochers: How To Prepare Financially Before and After a Move

My name is Sasha Whitley and I am the newest Consumer Economics Educator for the University of Illinois Extension for Grundy, Kankakee, and Will counties. In May, I received my Master's degree from Texas Tech University in Personal Financial Planning. While at Texas Tech, I focused on providing pro bono financial planning services and education to college students and community members....

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Payday Loans: Money Solution or Problem?

Today, we welcome Dedra Thomas, Extension Educator - Consumer Economics in Cook County, as our newest blogger. Dedra holds an MBA and is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF). In today's economy there are many consumers living from paycheck to paycheck and without a savings plan. Emergencies arise, as they always do, and the consumer is left with few choices to meet...

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Inheriting an IRA When You Lose a Loved One

If there was one thing that I thought I understood thoroughly about managing someone's affairs after death, it was IRAs. I've taught about the rules for taking distrib...

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Cutting the cord- Is it time to give up cable/satellite television?

My husband and I are nearing the end of our most recent two year obligation for our television service and we are discussing whether or not to give it up completely. There are several reasons we have been kicking this idea around and hopefully this will spark some discussion in your family during financial discussions. How much TV can we really watch anyway? In...

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Vrroom -- There Goes My Money!

Many years ago we were a family of five with one old car. Our sons were babies, my husband walked or bussed to work, and our car costs were low. This summer we have four cars parked in our driveway! With gas prices high (and cars pulling in and out of driveway at all hours), I've been thinking about how to keep down our costs. You can reduce the amount you spend on gas by driving more e...

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