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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Step Down for Real Savings

Sometimes cutting expenses is as easy as swapping an expensive habit for a less expensive one. Did I say easy?? Experts tell us that it takes at least 28 days or 28 times of doing something a different way before it becomes a new habit. That's for the good habits as well as the bad ones. My husband and I work hard and often don't feel like cooking dinner so we eat out. We are looking fo...

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What to Do If You Lose Your Wallet?

Many of us know that dreadful feeling when you realize you've lost your wallet. Once you've confirmed that your wallet is lost, what do you need to do? Your first concern is to stop the potential for identity theft by someone using the information found in your wallet. Then, take steps to replace your identification, insurance, and other cards that are likely in your wallet. If...

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Save for Retirement Week: Let's Do It!

It's National Save for Retirement Week! And, this is a great time to start saving for or increase your retirement savings. Saving even small amounts NOW will add up over time. Here are some excellent strategies to get started: 1) Pay yourself. Think of savings as a bill to be paid. 2) Use payroll deductions. Have your employer deposit your savings directly from your paycheck int...

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Solutions for Investment Procrastination, Part 2

Last month , I promised to introduce you to three services or investment products that can help you get the job done and stop procrastinating when it comes to investing. Using...

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Furniture Frenzy - the need to have new things

When I moved from Texas into my two bedroom apartment here in Illinois, I realized I had almost no furniture. Without most of the essentials – kitchen table, couch, and dresser – I felt lost. I had a TV but no place to sit, food but nowhere to eat it and clothes piled up without a dresser. During the course of the last few months, I became obsessed with putting together a list and finding these...

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