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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Have You Read Your Home Insurance Policy Lately?

We go along living in our homes, tidying up, shoveling snow, and don't often think about losing our homes from a disaster like a tornado or fire. Then a disaster hits nearby and it makes us think. One thing it makes me think about is whether or not my home insurance policy meets my needs. While we can't protect ourselves from all loses, home insurance can help replace personal property...

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Save Time by Automating Your Finances

I don't want to spend any more time than necessary managing my own finances. So I recently spent some time thinking about how I could simplify things. I like the idea of automating tasks. Once they're set up, they require little or no attention. Best of all, these tasks now get done at the right time instead of waiting for me to get around to them. I bet you're already doing some of the...

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Death Over Dinner

Two major events for me happened this month. One, my cousin was killed in a traffic accident involving him on a bicycle and a car. The car of course won in spite of Dook taking all the right precautions as he traveled on a course he had ridden hundreds of times. And while his death was sudden, tragic and unexpectedly early (he was only 65!), as a lawyer I am reasonably certain that he was prepa...

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Who's Coming To Your Holiday Dinner?

It's the holiday season and we invite many friends, family and trusted people to our homes. Some of these guests we haven't seen in a few years and some we see very often. Nevertheless, our guests are usually people that we have a relationship with. How many of us consider safeguarding our valuables when we have friends and family over for the holidays? According to a...

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Winterizing your Car: Your Winter Weather Financial Guide

After driving around the last two winters in Texas – I had a wake up call when we had snow in Illinois just a few weeks ago. Being completely caught off guard this early in the year, I have been scrambling to prepare because let's face it: winter is coming. In preparing for the upcoming season of ice and snow, one of the things I find easiest to forget about is making sure my car is readily equ...

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