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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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Student Loan Repayment: 5 Key Things to Know

Congratulations to all new college graduates! Your accomplishment is significant and wonderful! Once you've had a chance to celebrate your accomplishment, the next step is to figure out how you plan to repay your student loans. Even if you can't repay now, you need to take steps so that you don't unknowingly default on a loan. Here are some key things to know: Credit His...

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tropical island

Tropical Islands = Retirement Planning

While I was in my 30s and 40s, retirement planning meant planning travel to exotic places! Oh sure, I'd need money for food and other basics, but mostly I was saving money so that I could do LOTS of traveling. But now that I'm in my 50s I realize that retirement planning is a little more complex. As well as considering my future travel budget, I am now thinking more seriously about poss...

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FTC Reminder: Shop Around for Loans

Spring is often when we start thinking about remodeling projects or buying a new home. Right now interest rates on home equity loans and mortgages are relatively low. If you are thinking about taking out a home loan, you need to be smart about choosing the loan. The Federal Trade Commission recently warn...

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savings bond

About those savings bonds…

I am one of the 55 million Americans who own savings bonds. Almost all of those bonds are the old-fashioned paper ones, like mine. And my guess is that most of us do the same thing with our savings bonds: put them away and forget about them. That's okay for a while, but any financial asset needs to be reviewed periodically. I did that last week, and here are the things I thought about....

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Vacation Getaways: The financial guide to planning your next adventure

Before my fiancé and I planned for our honeymoon, we never realized just how much work goes into planning a vacation! Though it may not seem like it, vacation planning can become a time consuming and strenuous task. Whether it is a weeklong vacation, staycation or weekend getaway – without proper planning you can find yourself in a financial bind. Below are a few quick tips to help you plan and...

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