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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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Fun Financial Game Apps for Kids!

Summertime! It's a wonderful time of year to slow down and relax after a busy school year of homework, events, and bustling to be on time. Summer is also a chance for children to practice life skills including money management. Activities and conversations that involve our daily lives can help make money real to children. While you're shopping at the grocery store, paying the monthly bi...

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10 MORE Rules Money Savvy Kids Should Know by Age 18

I have mentioned before that I did not do a very good job of teaching my kids how to handle money. That is in part because my parents did not do a good job teaching me. Finances were something that were not talked about with children (who should be seen and not heard!). Many do not believe that family finances should be talked about and in some cases that is true. But, there are plenty of thing...

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The Frugal Gardener

I love growing perennials in my small suburban lot. But I'm very cost-conscious about it. I've sometimes thought about giving my garden a name, but The CheapSkate's Garden doesn't sound too appealing. However, I thought that readers of this blog might enjoy hearing about some of the things I've done to cut costs in my garden. Edging: One garden chore I don't enjoy is ed...

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10 Rules Money Savvy Kids Know by the Age of 10

I remember when my kids were young and they wanted everything in the stores as well as what they saw on television. It is difficult to explain to young children that there is a limited amount of money in almost anyone's household budget and what they think are absolute needs are actually wants. As my children got older, they wanted driver's licenses and cars and could not understand why they we...

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Summertime Staycation

Last month I wrote about Vacation Getaways and one of the options that I discussed was the concept of a "Staycation." So, what is a "Staycation?" A "Staycation" is a vacation in whi...

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