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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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The Best Financial Tool for Young Adults …

What do young people do? They move: from home to college dorm, from one apartment to the next apartment, to the summer job, home again, to the next rental duplex, and so it goes! And in the process, stuff accumulates and stuff gets lost. One of the best financial tools I ever gave my sons is a simple, plastic file box. I gave them each one at the end of high school. It's a place to keep...

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Financial Fat Cat

Financial Fat Cat

Recently the Consumer Economics Team of Educators were discussing the Go Banking Rates Financial Tip Summer Challenge. They wanted to be apart of the contest but were unsure of what their video would be about. It had to be a quick tip to help individuals and families save money. It a...

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Back to school shopping: It’s as Easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3

I saw my first television ad for back to school supplies on July 1 this year and I just shook my head. For many school-aged children, especially in the Midwest, school has barely ended for the year and they are reminded that it is all about to start over again. Why, they have not had a chance to get bored yet! My all-time favorite commercial shows a dad shopping for his two children. He...

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Paying Down that Dastardly Debt

Recently, I have been receiving requests from many of my friends about what they can do to work on paying down their dastardly debt. Whether it is student loans, that amazing vacation you splurged on or that new 70 inch TV complete with Blu-ray and surround sound you financed via credit card, most of us have some sort of debt we would like to take out of the picture. The problem many face is th...

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Stress Test Your Financial Plans

When I faced a major life decision two years ago, looking at my financial situation was a big factor in the decision. I estimated what my future expenses would be, and compared those against my expected income. I did a net worth statement , which forced me to total up my assets and liabilities. I even guesstimate...

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