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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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Fun Financial Game Apps for Kids!

Summertime! It's a wonderful time of year to slow down and relax after a busy school year of homework, events, and bustling to be on time. Summer is also a chance for children to practice life skills including money management. Activities and conversations that involve our daily lives can help make money real to children. While you're shopping at the grocery store, paying the monthly bi...

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Small Sips Add Up!

My grocery cart last week was heavy with drinks! It's easy to fill-up your grocery cart with cans and bottles of beverages during the hot summer months. As the dollars rang up at the register, it made me stop and think about where my dollars were going. Probably one reason I was paying attention to these costs is I was also thinking about juggling dollars this summer so that we could pay for a fam...

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Tooth Fairy App

How Money Savvy is the Tooth Fairy?

Just what can we learn from the Tooth Fairy about money? Well, to start with, it seems that the Tooth Fairy feels that economic conditions in the U. S. are improving. A survey released by Visa shows...

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Holiday Blast from the Past

My holiday plans this year include an interesting mix of tradition and a little bit new. And, as usual, I find myself striving to find a balance between time and money; always a challenge but especially during the holiday season. Reading over blog posts from previous years, I found that several holiday posts were helpful to me and still relevant. I thought you might enjoy them too. Past...

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Driving During the Holiday Weekend? Check out this useful phone app!

I love my smartphone! Why? Because it's like a handy toolbox that can hold lots of useful tools in a small amount of space. Some of the "tools" or apps are ones that I use daily. Others I hope I don't have to use, but I like to have them "just in case." The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a new mobile application that fits this description: the WreckCheck. Wit...

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