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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

A Hot Investment Tip

People can argue back and forth about what's the best way to invest money. But there's one investment tip that everyone should take into account when choosing investments:


The numbers tell the truth. A recent article in Money magazine, "Is a 529 Still the Top College Savings Plan?," strongly recommends considering the annual fees when choosing a 529 plan. Why? Because FEES MATTER!

The fees may look small. Maybe annual expenses of 0.38% versus 1.65% don't look like that much difference, but just remember, FEES MATTER. According to the article, if you start investing $200 every month for your five-year old in a 529 plan with 0.38% annual expenses, you will have $3,200 more for your child when he/she is 18 years old than if you invested in a plan with 1.65% annual expenses (assuming both plans earned an annual average return of 5%).

I'm going to keep this blog short and simple so you remember this hot investment tip: FEES MATTER.

If you'd like to read more about how to maximize your profits and minimize investment costs, visit the Plan Well, Retire Well website. Once you've logged in, go to "Choose Investments" and listen to the presentation on the costs of investing.

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