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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Plan Well, Retire Well Blog Celebrates!

Happy Birthday to the Plan Well, Retire Well Blog! One year ago my colleagues and I decided to try a new way to communicate with people about saving and investing money, and we started the Plan Well, Retire Well Blog. Our blog supplements the Plan Well, Retire Well: Your how-to guide website.

The past year has been a challenging year for finances, and our blog posts reflect these challenges. Last January, Karen Chan wrote Recession? Depression? Or just a volatile market? Here's help for your upset stomach. She was certainly proactive -- her tips for managing are still relevant. Little did we know a year ago what was ahead of us!

By March gas prices were soaring and Paul McNamara wrote, Higher Gas Prices and Staying the Course with Your Investment Plan.

As the economic situation became tougher for people, Karen wrote Preparing for a Layoff and I tried to stay upbeat with Step Down Your Expenses & Still Enjoy Life. Jennifer Hunt followed up with Have Fun Being a Cheapskate!

As the mortgage crisis revved up and banks started failing, Karen helped put it into perspective with Bank Failures, FDIC Insurance, and What the Media ISN"T Telling You.

In October stock markets fell around the world. Several blog posts encouraged people to not panic. Dow Down 370 Points Today, 777 Points Last Monday: My Take and A Historical (not hysterical) View of the Current Market: David Sinow brings back all the feelings of uncertainty and fear that I experienced then.

With the stock market volatile, we started to worry that people would be especially vulnerable to fraud. Investment Fraud Can Happen to Anyone and Madoff Investment Fraud: Could It Happen to You are our way of reminding everyone to be especially careful for fraud now.

While I'm looking forward to blogging in 2009, I'm hopeful that we will have different themes to write about! However, we are committed to providing timely, unbiased, and practical commentary about saving and investing no matter. Hold onto your hats -- I'm predicting that it will be an unpredictable year!

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