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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money
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New Year Resolutions? Ten Money Rules to Live By for 2009

I don't usually get too excited about making New Year's Resolutions, but this year I felt that there were some changes I needed to make. Maybe you feel the same way.

If your goal is to get your financial house in order during 2009, I may have some tips that will help. I was recently invited to speak to a group who wanted to know how to manage their finances during the current economic situation. I shared with them what I think are the ten things everyone should do to protect themselves from major financial mistakes, prepare for the future, and keep things simple in the process.

You can scroll through the rules in the graphics window, above. If you'd like your own financial rulebook with more explanation, you can print out this downloadable file.

Happy New Year! And I wish you much success with living your new financial life.

Rule #1: Pay your bills on time.

Rule #2: Save something every payday.

Rule #3: Plan for surprises.

Rule #4: Keep track of expenses.

Rule #5: Make your credit card work for you...not the bank.

Rule #6: Know how much you owe, and how much you own.

Rule #7: Protect the important things.

Rule #8: Use your financial power wisely.

Rule #9: Write down your financial goals.

Rule #10: Get help when you need it.

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