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Saving and investing your money

Financial Education Rocks!

What an amazing week. Money Smart Week has come and gone in Illinois like a whirlwind! People from all walks of life and careers came together to help people better understand finances. I love this event because Money Smart Week partners include bankers, community educators, school teachers, media, stock brokers, financial planners, grocery store managers and more. And, of course, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - who is the sponsor for this event. Without the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's leadership, and their dedicated staff, this Week wouldn't happen.

During the week I had the opportunity to talk to people who were attending several programs. They came to my program with their highlighted Money Smart Week Calendar ready to learn and take action to improve their financial picture. It was energizing and exciting week!

Did you miss it? Oh no! Well, here's two bits of good news. One, as soon as the date is available, we'll let you know when Money Smart Week 2010 will be and you can put it on your calendar. Two, the Illinois media was very helpful in covering events. Here are few of the links so that you can learn more about Money Smart Week and handling your money:

cbs2chicago Morning News with interviews about investing (with our own Karen Chan), foreclosures, and more.

WCIA has several video clips posted including an interview where I talk about saving money on food costs and also one on how to match your investments with your short and long-term financial goals.

Karen Chan next talked about budgeting and saving money on ABC News in Chicago.

Extra News posted an article about how to Improve Your Financial Situation: Tips on how to beat these tough financial times.

This is just a short list of organizations that helped promote Money Smart Week and do financial education too. Thank you to all media partners who helped publicize Money Smart Week.

And, stay tuned in for more updates about Money Smart Week in the future.

Would you like to share your Money Smart Week experience? Click on my name below and send me your comments to be posted.

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