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Plan Well, Retire Well

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Favorite Posts in 2010

Before jumping into the New Year, I like to reflect on 2010: think about what went well as well as what I'd like to do to improve 2010. The Plan Well, Retire Well Blog has been going strong for three years now and we've covered lots of different financial topics. What we write about each week reflects what's going on in our own lives as well as changes in financial tools and strategies that we think important to highlight.

But what are you, the reader, interested in? To improve our blog, we need to know what appeals to people. Looking at the number of page views per post, here's a few of 2010 blog posts that jump to the top. Looks like people's interests are wide and varied!

Understanding changes in tax rules, especially Roth conversions, was a hot topic. We kicked off the new year with Converting to a Roth IRA, Part 1: The (New Rules) and Part 2: Factors to Consider, and returned to the topic in April with Your Roth Conversions Questions Answered and More Questions.

Many people experienced job changes this year. Posts such as Leaving Your Current Employer? What Should You Do With Your Windfall? and Are You Prepared to Separate from Your Employer? helped people think about how to effectively manage their overall finances as well as their retirement accounts when leaving an employer.

Topics focusing on assessing our current financial products also were popular. Posts ranged from Refinancing: If it was just a simple yes/no question! to High Interest Checking Accounts: Are They Worth It?

And, it looks like people like tips! Blog posts about Tips for Retirees in Today's Economy, Five Tips to Financial Wellness, and Tips for Choosing a Charitable Organization were all favorites in 2010.

I like to tips too! Do you have any tips on how we can improve our blog? We'd love to hear from you! Just click on my name below and send me a note -- I will incorporate your suggestions into my New Year's resolutions for improving the Plan Well, Retire Well blog.

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