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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

America Saves: Think BIG and small when saving money

Saving money can be a challenge! How can we get started? To save effectively you might need to do the BIG stuff (like save through an employer-sponsored retirement plan) as well as do the SMALL things that add up over time. Here are two America Saves tips to help you move forward with your saving goal:

1. Do you participate in a work-related retirement savings program? According to America Saves, many employees turn down "free" money from their employer by not signing up for programs such as a 401(k) plan. If they did participate, with a 50% match, they would likely receive an annual yield of greater than 50% on their investment. Now, that's a good return on your money! Sign up for your workplace savings plan and become an American Saver at

2. Indulgences can put a dent in your finances. According to America Saves, one way to establish a savings discipline is to "save" an amount equal to whatever is spent on nonessential indulgences. Put a matching amount in a cookie jar each time you splurge on beer, wine, cigarettes, designer coffee, etc. If you can't afford to save the matching amount, you can't afford the $4 super mocha low-fat latte. For more savings tips, visit: Remember, small amounts do add up over time!

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