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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

George Dawson on Money Management

George Dawson grew up around Marshall, Texas on a dirt-poor farm and lived a remarkable life. He died about ten years ago and he was well known for having learned how to read when he was 98 years old. The book Life is So Good tells his story (co-authored by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman) and if you are ever looking for an enjoyable book that is captivating and uplifting you might enjoy reading Dawson's autobiography.

One of the amazing things about George Dawson was that he was filled with gratitude and he enjoyed the simple things of life. It hit me that he carried this attitude and spirit despite the injustices and difficult times he faced growing up as the grandson of a slave in pre-civil rights era East Texas. Dawson's life illustrates the case of a working man of simple faith and deep character. Along with his attitude of gratitude, George Dawson had a straight-forward approach to work, saying in his later years when he supplemented his modest Social Security check with yard work jobs, "A man is supposed to work and take pride in what he does no matter what the work is." He was close to ninety when he stopped doing yard work.

Another striking thing about George Dawson was his approach to money. His philosophy of money centered on being content with what you have and he said "Nothing wrong with planning ahead, but wanting more than you have makes a person worry. " On money management he said "A person only needs to manage what they have. Be a good manager and there is no need to worry." His life involved being able to enjoy each day as it came.

Dawson's example is a lesson on contentment and focusing on the important things in life. Take a break and read his life story for an uplifting summer read.

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