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Direct Express Debit Card: ATM Withdrawals Could Cost You

Last week I wrote about Go Direct, the US Treasury's effort to have all recipients of Federal payments such as Social Securi

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I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information.
by Investment advice Investment advice on Friday 10/7/2011

I would argue that debit cards are still the better card option for college students than credit cards, even though banks are spending heavily to convince you otherwise( Using debit cards teaches you how to use money responsibly, because you spend what you've already deposited into your bank account. Even peer pressure cannot force you to spend more than that, which is not at all the case with credit cards and we know how easy it is for a young person to get in huge debts. The lesson is well worth $3 or $5 a month.
by J. G. on Friday 10/28/2011

Thanks for your comments. It's interesting to me that so many consumers are confused about exactly what a debit card is and how it differs from a credit card. Your points help draw that distinction.
by Karen Chan on Tuesday 11/1/2011

cancel my card
by selena ford on Saturday 3/17/2012

Can i withdraw 700.00 from a bank with direct express debit card
by william salgado on Thursday 11/1/2012

If you have $700 loaded on your Direct Express Debit Card, then you should be able to withdraw it at an institution that works with MasterCard.
by Kathy Sweedler on Friday 11/2/2012