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Saving and investing your money

SaveUp: A New Approach to Reach Saving Goals

Financial New Year's Resolutions are hard to keep. Sometimes we need a little extra something to keep us motivated! I'm excited to introduce a special opportunity to help you with your financial resolutions.

America Saves, a national initiative that encourages individuals and families to save money and build personal wealth, has partnered with SaveUp, the nation's first free rewards program for saving money and reducing debt, to offer $1,000 towards a savings account to help jump-start one saver's 2012 savings goals. The winner will be chosen on January 31, 2012. To be eligible for a chance to win the $1,000 savings prize, or any of SaveUp's other exciting rewards, new and existing America Saves users must register at SaveUp is available for free to Americans who bank at more than 18,000 US financial institutions.

Unlike traditional rewards programs that focus on driving consumer spending, SaveUp rewards users with credits for performing positive financial actions, such as contributing to their savings or retirement accounts; paying down their credit cards, mortgages or other loans; and engaging with SaveUp's financial education content on the site. SaveUp users can use their credits to play for exciting rewards such as retail gift cards, electronics, vacations, home makeovers, cars and even a $2 million jackpot.

As part of the America Saves partnership, new and existing SaveUp users will instantly earn 100 bonus credits for joining America Saves at Only those who sign up through America Saves will see the $1,000 savings prize option and be eligible to win. Upon joining America Saves, members will also receive access to the popular Savers Tracking Tool, a free monthly e-mail newsletter with savings advice from national experts and a subscription to the quarterly American Saver newsletter.

I've tried the new SaveUp program and find it very intriguing! If you like playing games online, check this out. If you're a person who enjoys the excitement of playing the lottery, this may give you the same "buzz" and you'll be saving money rather than spending it! And, this month you have the opportunity to be in the running for the $1,000 prize from America Saves.

Need a couple of tips to jump-start your savings?

  • Save "Bonus" Money. Save tax refunds, overtime pay, gift money, refunds, raises, and rebates
  • Have a "Nothing" Week. Occasionally have a week when you do not spend any extra money -- don't go to the movies, don't go out to eat, don't go bowling. Save the money you would spend.
  • Collect Loose Change. Put all loose change in a jar and deposit the change into your savings account once a month. Want to ramp it up?  Save all $5 bills.
Let me know what you think of SaveUp. It looks like fun and I'm curious to know if you find it motivational.

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