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Holiday Blast from the Past

My holiday plans this year include an interesting mix of tradition and a little bit new. And, as usual, I find myself striving to find a balance between time and money; always a challenge but especially during the holiday season. Reading over blog posts from previous years, I found that several holiday posts were helpful to me and still relevant. I thought you might enjoy them too.

Past contributors to the blog have insightful comments for us:

Jennifer Hunt reminds us of the importance of time – both in our daily, personal lives as well as when saving money. Read her December 2008 post, Time for a Tea Party.

Kimberly Nute-Jones', November 2009 post, Be Thankful for What You Have: Monitor Your Spending during the Holidays, discusses balancing our credit card use during the holidays with our ability to pay the bills.

In November 2010, I shared tips in Green for the Holidays -- Money Saving Ideas and last year I wrote about using a shopping app to help me stay within my holiday budget, Oh no! Just How Much Did I Spend? And, I'm happy to report that I'm all set-up to use the app this year. I love the fact that I can easily check what I bought who last year and I know the little warning signals will help me from overspending.

As always, I'm curious what other people use to help them manage during the holiday season. Do you have a favorite app, strategy, or tip you'd like to share? Please click on the comment link below – I'd love to hear from you!

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