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Plan Well, Retire Well

Saving and investing your money

Small Sips Add Up!

My grocery cart last week was heavy with drinks! It's easy to fill-up your grocery cart with cans and bottles of beverages during the hot summer months. As the dollars rang up at the register, it made me stop and think about where my dollars were going. Probably one reason I was paying attention to these costs is I was also thinking about juggling dollars this summer so that we could pay for a family trip.

Would you also like to do something or buy something special this summer but not sure where to find the money? One idea is to look at regular habits that can be changed – for example, spending money on beverages. Sometimes looking closely at how we spend money can help us think of creative ways to change our habits and save money for things that are important to us.

For example, imagine a family of four where each family member spends $1.00 twice a day on something to drink, whether it's coffee, iced tea, soda or something else. That's $2.00 a day times 4 people equals $8.00 a day. What if instead of spending this money, everyone agreed to use a refillable water bottle and use the money saved for a trip?

$8.00 a day for three months (90 days) = $720! There's your summer trip/activity money.

This is just one example of how small changes can add up and help you reach your savings goal. Take a look at your spending to see if there are changes you'd like to make.

Are you interested in receiving helpful tips and reminders about your savings goal? America Saves has launched a new free text message service to keep you motivated to save. "Studies show that text message reminders are an effective way to help individuals save more successfully and research from America Saves found that having a savings plan with specific goals significantly increases the likelihood that families will save," according to Nancy Register, America Saves National Director.

Text messages will come in the form of tips to help you find money to save and reminders to save for your specific goal. Two to three text messages are sent per month. Sign up to receive text messages by setting a savings goal at (or at if you prefer to be connected locally) to sign-up today.

To encourage even more savers to take advantage of this service, America Saves is giving away $500 to help one person reach their savings goal. The contest is open to savers age 18 and older who take the America Saves Pledge and opt-in to receive text messages. The promotion runs between June 1 and June 30, 2013.

I signed up for the text message service a month or so ago and have found the tips timely and helpful!

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