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Moving Moochers: How To Prepare Financially Before and After a Move

My name is Sasha Whitley and I am the newest Consumer Economics Educator for the University of Illinois Extension for Grundy, Kankakee, and Will counties. In May, I received my Master's degree from Texas Tech University in Personal Financial Planning. While at Texas Tech, I focused on providing pro bono financial planning services and education to college students and community members.

As I recently moved from Texas to Illinois, I realized that there was more to moving than just loading and unloading boxes. No matter if you're moving down the street or across the county – moving can not only be a pain, but it can also become pricey. Moving expenses are often seemingly unexpected and can sneak up on you quite quickly causing you to fall behind financially. In order to combat this, here are some things to consider when moving:

Start a list of supplies you may need

It's always good to be prepared for all of the supplies you may need to move. Most of my supplies dealt with my more breakable items such as plain wrapping paper, cushion foam (for my glass plates), bubble wrap, plastic moving wrap as well as packing peanuts - Not to mention all of the boxes! I also bought a large sharpie marker and post it notes to label my boxes. Having a budget of what you will need in advance will help you from not only overspending, but will allow you to have all necessary supplies on hand when you start to load your boxes.

Always shop around for moving companies/rental trucks

Just like anything else, it is better to shop around before you decide on a moving company or rental truck to help you during your move. I received three quotes from different moving companies and the price difference was tremendous between them. I saved over $2,100 by choosing a company I was not as familiar with. Some companies even offer a discount if they know you are moving. Also, always read the reviews from people, it will give you a better sense of what to expect from the moving company you choose.

Moving Helpers

To save the most money, the best way would be to have friends and family help you. (Make sure you feed them with some pizza and soda afterwards!) If you do not have anyone to help you, there are some websites out there that offer moving help in the city you are moving to. I found this not only helpful, but budget friendly. Two hours of moving help only cost me $140, plus it saved me from spending all day in the humid Illinois summer weather lugging boxes into my house. If you decide to have hired help, it might be wise to supervise or watch the movers load your items. This helps to prevent items from going into the box truck wrong and ultimately end up getting broken. No one wants to spend extra money to replace broken items.

Moving is always a stressful time in your life. By preparing ahead you can avoid some of the headaches that come with a big move. Plus you can save a few bucks too! $$

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