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Saving and investing your money

Finding Fares for Flights

I am by no means a travel expert; however I have done quite a significant amount of traveling in my time. In the last year alone - I have booked 17 round trip flights. I try to be extra savvy when I shop for flights – as I hate to pay more for tickets than may seem fiscally necessary. Below are some ways I have saved money on my flights that may help you this holiday season.

Watch for Sales!

As a frequent traveler – I always try to watch for sales especially with larger airlines. If I feel the sale is especially good – then I book a lot of flights all together. In June, one company had a huge sale on flights – and I booked five round trip flights during that time for the rest of the year. I also want to mention – that prices of airline tickets can change up to three different times during the day. Make sure to check back often when you are booking for a larger trip like a vacation. One major tip in booking any trip if you can help it is to avoid flying on Fridays and Sundays as more people typically travel during these days due to their work schedules.

Save your travel points/miles

Often times using your travel points can be really tempting – especially when you want do not want to pay for a flight. However instead of using points to book flights frequently, try to save your points for special occasions. I save my points for something so fun I absolutely cannot pass it up or if I "need" to use them in emergency situations. When I booked those five flights in June – I had racked up 36,000 flyer miles to use for future purchases. Due to this sale – I booked 5 one way flights for free with my points!

Don't be Airline Brand Loyal

We all have our favorite airline we like to fly on. Although we may have great experiences with the one we prefer – branching out can save you money. For example – my fiancé and I just saved $290 round trip just by using an airline we don't normally use. Most major airlines offer comparable service to one another given that they are all competing for the same market share. So if you can find a deal like we did it might be smart to ask yourself if the "experience" is worth paying the extra money.

By looking for sales, saving your travel points/miles and using airlines you do not normally fly on – you'll be surprised by how much money, time and stress you may save yourself this upcoming holiday season!

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