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Where Does Thanksgiving Dinner Grow

Posted by Aimee Chandler -

Do you know where your Thanksgiving dinner was grown? What states grow the most green beans? How about those turkeys? Thanks to Linda Zellmer, Government Information and Data Services Librarian at Western Illinois University, we can find out. She has used data from the 2007 Census of Agriculture and a geographic information system to develop a set of maps showing where the foods consumed at the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, such as turkey, cranberries, squash, and green beans, are grown. A comprehensive poster including all of the maps shows where all of the Thanksgiving foods are grown in the United States. The maps and posters based on data from the 1997, 2002 and 2007 Census of Agriculture are available on her web site at:

The comprehensive poster titled "Where does Thanksgiving Dinner Grow?" is available at:

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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