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Happy National Agriculture Week!

Posted by Aimee Chandler -

This week is National Agriculture Week. If you visit some of the businesses around Ford and Iroquois Counties you may see how some of our students are helping us celebrate National Agriculture Week and National Agriculture Day (March 15). Students in grades PreK-3 had the opportunity to color an agriculture picture for our coloring contest. We received 322 coloring pages!!! Students in grades 4-12 developed a poster using the theme: "American Agriculture: Your Food. Your Farmer." Twenty four posters were received. Posters and coloring sheets were sent to several area businesses to be put on display to help spread the word about National Agriculture Week.

All students received a certificate and a small token for participating.

Thanks to the classes who participated in the coloring contest/poster contest.

Donovan: Ms. Maple (2), Mrs. Kingdon (1), Ms. Baier (1), Miss Saathoff (Kdg.), Mr. Loy (3), Mrs. Both (3)

Paxton Buckley Loda: Mrs. Talbert (Kdg), Mrs. Tammen (1), Mrs. Waugh (3), Mrs. Francisco (4)

Milford: Ms. Hiser (PreK)

Central: Mrs. Roselius (2)

Crescent City Grade School: Mrs. Munsterman (5)

Iroquois West: Miss Wilken (PreK), Mrs. Rodriguez (Kdg), Mr. Miller (Kdg), Miss Kurtenbach (1), Mrs. Curl (1), Mrs. Hamilton (1), Mrs. Eggemeyer (2), Mrs. Denton (2), Mrs. D. Talbert (2), Mrs. M. Talbert (2), Mrs. Harkins (3), Mrs. Donovan (5)

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