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June is Dairy Month

Posted by Aimee Chandler -

June is Dairy Month.  It is time to celebrate cows and the wonderful milk they give us.  According to the Midwest Dairy Association June Dairy Month started in 1937, but was called National Milk Month.  Summer months are peak production time for dairys, so this celebration of milk was started to help stabilize the dairy demand.  As we celebrate here are some ways incorporate more dairy into your diet.

- Swap low fat or fat free milk for water when preparing oatmeal, hot chocolate or pancakes.
- For lunch top a baked potato with low fat plain yogurt, reduced fat shredded cheese, black pepper & your favorite veggies.
- Blend a cup of low fat chocolate milk, a banana, and ice cubes for a chocolate banana milkshake.
- Yogurt poured into small paper cups with small wooden sticks inserted and frozen make a great snack on a hot day.
- Add parmesan or mozzarella cheese to your salad.
- Top angel food cake with low fat cherry or vanilla yogurt.

More information on dairy and June Dairy Month can be found at Midwest Dairy Association or National Dairy Council.

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