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Pen Pals with a Farm Family

Posted by Aimee Chandler -

Ford-Iroquois Ag in the Classroom is linking up classrooms with local farmers through the Ford-Iroquois Ag Connection. Through this program classrooms will write a letter to their assigned farm family asking questions they may have about agriculture and their farm. The family will then write a letter back to the classroom with answers to their questions, what is going on at their farm, and maybe even include some pictures. It is our hope that letters will be shared at least once a month. The linkage of classroom and farm family may also lend itself to field trips to the farm or even the farmer visiting the classroom.  Last year 21 classrooms participated.  Classrooms and families enjoyed this program.  It is our hope that just as many will participate this year. 

The goal of this program is to give first hand knowledge of agriculture to students so they may understand the importance of agriculture.

To participate in this project either as a farm family or a classroom please contact Aimee Chandler at 815-268-4051 or

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