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Harvest Time Fun

Posted by Aimee Chandler -

Fall is here!  There are so many teaching opportunities around us in the fall waiting for you to take advantage of them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

- Look at the trees outside . Track the changes in color or the dropping of the leaves.  Maybe even do some leaf rubbings in the fall colors.

- Do you have a corn or soybean field close by? Contact the farmer to have him give you notice before he combines it. Watch from your yard/school or ask if you can ride along. What machines do they use?

- Visit a pumpkin patch/apple orchard. How many different kinds of apples do they have.  Wander through the pumpkin patch to see how they grow.

- Bring in a pumpkin. Estimate size, number of seeds, pounds it weighs, thickness of pulp/rind, etc. Then take actual measurements and see how close you came.

- Have an apple taste test with different apple varieties.

- Talk about changes in the plants and grass. Perennials return each year, but will go dormant in the winter. Annuals will not come back year after year.

- Take a nature walk.  Collect things on your walk that you can make a "Fall" book with.

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