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What is the great American landscape?

Ok you may notice there has been a bit of a lapse in my blog entries. There are so many voices on the internet (or interweb as my husband likes to call it) do I really have anything different to say? I've decided I will leave that for someone else to judge. Often when I walk my dog Zoey, stuff occurs to me. As anyone who writes well knows sometimes you just need to give ideas form, even if you...

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When is a garden a natural area?

The line between gardens and natural areas has always been pretty blurry to me.  I doubt the buckeye butterfly that visits the sedum in my garden loses even one wing scale worrying about whether he is in a garden or a natural area. He just wants a meal. My garden is as much about what shows up in it as it is about what I plant in it. Join me as I plan and plant my garden and ponder the visitor...

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