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vib prunifolium

Walk on the Wild Side – Grow Native

The word “wild” has many connotations – sometimes negative (wild child) and sometimes positive (living a wild life). In gardening the term “wild” derives an undesirable insinuation. The label “wild garden” conjures an image of plants (usually scorned as weeds) running amok with each one battling for dominance and looking at the lawn as prime battleground. Unfortunately for some people wild plan...

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tree frog love

Tree Frog Love

Even though my 1.6 acre property is an island amidst a sea of corn and soybeans, grey tree frogs have bred in my rain barrels for years. Sometimes wildlife can make do with our contrived landscapes and even with my small property of trees. These grey tree frogs appear perfectly content with this 20 gallon crock as a potential nursery. Picture was taken May 29th. Tiny tadpoles are doing just fin...

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Waiting for wildlife

Waiting. Waiting to download. Waiting to upload. Waiting for the traffic light to change. Even waiting for the microwave to zap our meals in less time than finding a saucepan seems like too long to wait. Even though we do it every day, most of us possess little skill in doing it well. It’s especially hard waiting for someone else. I apprehensively waited for the purple martins to...

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dogwood sawfly2forweb

What's Devouring my Dogwood?

Redtwig dogwoods typically grow with wild abandon despite a few insect (scale) and disease (twig canker) problems. As North American natives redtwigs have their share of North American native insects that enjoy them for lunch, (and breakfast and dinner). This year my redtwig dogwoods had a bit extra bling in August and September. The vivid white...

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buckeye on cloverfor web

White clover in lawns - provider or detractor?

As a horticulture educator I often get questions on how to kill white clover in lawns. It was once common practice to add white clover to lawn grass mixes. As a legume the white clover helped to naturally fix nitrogen from the air and the accompanying lawn grass benefited from the clover's abilities. White clover provides not only for the grass but also for bees and butterflies such as this bu...

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my doodle earth

Wildlife in the sea of corn and soybeans

I attended a talk and slide show about wildlife in urban areas. Great talk and even better photos of hawks and turtles and squirrels (oh my) that do a fine job of living among us humans in areas not obviously wildlife friendly. Granted it is easier for some wild things than for others. They need food, water, shelter and a nice place to raise the kids, whether it's a tree hole or your attic give...

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What is the great American landscape?

Ok you may notice there has been a bit of a lapse in my blog entries. There are so many voices on the internet (or interweb as my husband likes to call it) do I really have anything different to say? I've decided I will leave that for someone else to judge. Often when I walk my dog Zoey, stuff occurs to me. As anyone who writes well knows sometimes you just need to give ideas form, even if you...

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