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Waiting for wildlife

Waiting. Waiting to download. Waiting to upload. Waiting for the traffic light to change. Even waiting for the microwave to zap our meals in less time than finding a saucepan seems like too long to wait. Even though we do it every day, most of us possess little skill in doing it well. It’s especially hard waiting for someone else. I apprehensively waited for the purple martins to...

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monarch caterpillar common milkweed2forweb

Monarchs - the gateway bug to habitat gardening

Ok, so let me get this straight. You want me to buy a plant with the explicit goal that it will be eaten down to a stub by caterpillars. This act of wanton herbivory goes against everything I was taught about horticulture. In gardening plants are the goal. Right? Well, maybe not. Monarch caterpillars are the perfect gateway bug to the world of habitat gardening. The purposeful act of planting m...

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my doodle earth

Wildlife in the sea of corn and soybeans

I attended a talk and slide show about wildlife in urban areas. Great talk and even better photos of hawks and turtles and squirrels (oh my) that do a fine job of living among us humans in areas not obviously wildlife friendly. Granted it is easier for some wild things than for others. They need food, water, shelter and a nice place to raise the kids, whether it's a tree hole or your attic give...

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