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Insects on Shrubs
wooly planthopper Kloth

Taking a closer look

People admire certain philosophers - Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Homer Simpson. I’ve always been drawn to the great baseball philosopher Yogi Berra. His quotes are simplistically and intricately woven fragments of truth and fairy tale. One of his quotes I live by is, “You see a lot by just looking” Debbie Kloth of Urbana Illinois saw a lot by looking when she photographed this planthopper on h...

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dogwood sawfly2forweb

What's Devouring my Dogwood?

Redtwig dogwoods typically grow with wild abandon despite a few insect (scale) and disease (twig canker) problems. As North American natives redtwigs have their share of North American native insects that enjoy them for lunch, (and breakfast and dinner). This year my redtwig dogwoods had a bit extra bling in August and September. The vivid white...

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