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Snack Happy with a Balance of Protein and Carbs

I don't know about you, but I always bring a snack for those midmorning munchies. And for good reason, too. Besides the embarrassing stomach rumbling, when my blood sugar starts to take a dive, I start to feel sluggish and have a hard time focusing. Snacking can have a multitude of benefits. Preventing those blood sugar spikes and dips keeps your energy levels more stable throughout the...

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Boost Productivity with a Proper Breakfast

As I'm writing this, I'm doing exactly what I told my co-workers not to do last Monday. I'm eating a pastry for breakfast. You see, I gave an in-service on how to eat for maximum productivity at the office. Rule number one? Start the day off right with a balanced meal. If you've experienced a mid-morning crash, chances are your breakfast is to blame. We've heard so many times that it's the most...

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