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Salt feature

Take a Pass on Sea Salt - To Lower Sodium Intake, Watch the Processed Foods

We're constantly hearing about our nation's obesity epidemic, and I'm not going to lie – it is a major problem. But what about salt, that other contributor to cardiovascular woes? We need sodium (the chemical name for salt) for fluid balance, but only in very small amounts. At maximum, healthy adults can have up to 2,300 mg per day without adverse effects like high blood pressure....

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Getting Back to Basics with Potatoes

You may say poTAYto and he may say poTAHto, but I say that the humble potato is both delicious and nutritious. Among the top 20 most consumed fruits and vegetables, potatoes have the highest amount of potassium, a mineral that can help lower your blood pressure. And here's a surprise – did you know that a medium potato with skin has nearly 45% of the daily value (DV) of vitamin C? Potatoe...

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Craving Comfort Food? Try Healthier Recipes and Enjoy!

When the days get shorter and the air turns crisp, do you feel like you're raiding the fridge more often? In fact, it's probably not just your imagination. A 2005 study out of the University of Massachusetts found that on average, participants ate almost 100 extra calories per day in the fall compared to the spring. It seems logical to assume that we must be eating more to keep warm when it's c...

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