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New Supper Club!

Posted by Leia Flure -

Leia Kedem, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition & Wellness Educator, will be starting a monthly supper club to be held at the Champaign office. At each Supper Club, Leia will demonstrate tasty and healthy dishes for everyone to enjoy. While you sample the food, Leia will present on a current topic on nutrition and health. There will also be time to chat and ask any nutrition question...

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Try Yogurt for Immune Health and Digestive Benefits

We've all been down that wide expanse of colorful containers, otherwise known as the yogurt section at the grocery store. And why not? Yogurt is a great choice to help you meet your protein, calcium, and vitamin D requirements. Even better, yogurts also contain probiotics, friendly bacteria to keep our digestive systems running smoothly. Studies show that eating yogurt regularly may even keep y...

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