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Dishing up the best ingredients for a healthy lifestyle
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Top Diet Picks

  "Which diets are the best?" If I made a list of the questions I'm most commonly asked by consumers, that one would be at the top. Well, the folks at U.S. News and World Report have recently attempted to answer the age old question (check out To rank popular and less well known diets, the publication enlisted the help of...

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Top Tips for Healthy Restaurant Dining

One of the biggest obstacles to eating healthy – whether you're new to the game or you're a veteran like me – is going out to eat. Enjoying a nice meal used to be one of life's little pleasures, but is now as much a part of our routine as filling up on gas. In moderation, an occasional heavy meal won't make a huge dent in your diet, but multiple restaurant stops throughout the week...

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Write it Down to Take Off the Pounds

Have you made your News Year's resolutions yet? I'll be honest, I'm putting myself on the hook to lose the 10 pounds I've accumulated over the past two years (yes, even dietitians gain weight sometimes!). So if you're like me and millions of other Americans, you may be making a resolution to improve your health this year. You might also be wondering how to make it stick, having been down this r...

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