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Should You Go Paleo? Pros and Cons of the

The "Caveman Diet" is one of the hottest diets being touted by celebrities and average Joes alike. Also called the "Paleolithic Diet" or "Paleo" for short, the idea is that we should be sticking to the eating patterns of our hunter-gatherer ancestors for optimal health. With a catchy name and a scientific-sounding premise, it has the winning formula for a fad diet. Most weight loss craz...

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Get Informed to Keep Stomach Bugs at Bay

Stomach woes were rampant this past winter – were you one of the unlucky ones to experience a 24-hour bug or the stomach "flu?" If so, I'm willing to bet you'd do anything to avoid repeating it. As most of us are aware, frequent handwashing is the single most important thing a person can do to minimize the chances of picking up germs. But besides the (probably inevitable) possibility of g...

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