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Vanity Sizing: Do We Need a Reality Check?

If a stranger took a peek in your closet, would they be able to tell how big or small you are from the labels sewn into your favorite shirts and pants? Due to the phenomenon of vanity sizing, probably not. You're likely familiar with the concept from personal experience, but according to National Public Radio (, vanity sizing is when marketers "(re-label) large-size clothes as smal...

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Protein-Packed Foods: Do You Really Need Them?

Taking a look at grocery store shelves, you'd think Americans were starving for protein. Perhaps we are, but our hunger is not literal. Just a few years ago calcium was all the rage and more recently, fiber and antioxidants. Protein is now the nutrient du jour, and food companies have jumped on this trend by rolling out protein-fortified granola bars and cereal to smoothies and even water. But...

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