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Indulge Your Hunger... but Read Your Body's Signals

As the holidays round the bend on the calendar, we're sure to see plenty of articles, blogs, and posts about how to prevent holiday weight gain. Normally, I'm one who would be sharing such information with you. This year, I'm taking a different approach. I'm not saying that the issue of holiday health isn't important, because it certainly is. But for dieters, diabetics, and weight watchers alik...

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Diabetes Diagnosis Just Got Slightly More Complicated

Although the symptoms of diabetes have been documented for thousands of years, medical professionals didn't start to look for a cause and treatment for the disease until 1910. Almost thirty years later, the classifications we know now as types 1 and 2 were made. But now we've encountered a new problem. Type 1 diabetes was previously known as juvenile diabetes, while type 2 has tradition...

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