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Time to Rethink the Obesity Blame Game

As Americans, we pride ourselves on having freedom of choice. We can choose whom we vote for, what to wear, where to travel and so on. Importantly, we can also choose what to eat. Or can we? According to a new study from University of Illinois researcher Brenna Ellison, most of us do think the choice is ultimately ours. In a survey of nearly 800 Americans, a whopping 94 perc...

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Top Ways to Protect Your Heart in Frigid Temps

Posted by Leia Flure - Seasonal

We're nearly midway through February, but there's still plenty of winter left for central Illinois. They say that cold hands mean you have a warm heart, but how does cold weather affect your ticker? In honor of American Heart Month, I wanted to bring your attention to how you can protect your heart until we start to thaw from winter's chill. If you've ever shoveled snow, you know it's a...

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