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Time to Rethink the Obesity Blame Game

As Americans, we pride ourselves on having freedom of choice. We can choose whom we vote for, what to wear, where to travel and so on. Importantly, we can also choose what to eat. Or can we? According to a new study from University of Illinois researcher Brenna Ellison, most of us do think the choice is ultimately ours. In a survey of nearly 800 Americans, a whopping 94 perc...

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Table for One (or Two): Eating Well on a Smaller Scale

I opened one of my cookbooks a few nights ago and realized that my recipes are mocking me. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but think about it. Most are written to make four servings or more, suggesting that we should be eating that meal with family or at least a gaggle of friends. But what about the singletons out there? Whether you live away from family, are an empty nester, or have a househol...

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New Year, New You

As you read this on the last day of 2013 -- before the dawn of the New Year at midnight tonight – I, like many of you, am reflecting on the choices I have made in the 12 months past. Have you made healthier food choices and stuck with your exercise routine? Have you spent less money and saved more? Built stronger relationships with loved ones? I recently realized that while we att...

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Indulge Your Hunger... but Read Your Body's Signals

As the holidays round the bend on the calendar, we're sure to see plenty of articles, blogs, and posts about how to prevent holiday weight gain. Normally, I'm one who would be sharing such information with you. This year, I'm taking a different approach. I'm not saying that the issue of holiday health isn't important, because it certainly is. But for dieters, diabetics, and weight watchers alik...

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"Cooler Corn:" Is it Safe?

Should you try this "life hack?" Want more information like this? Follow me for health tips, recipes, and more! Moderation Maven on Facebook If the picture below does not load - Click here...

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Keep the Sweet in Easter without Sugar Overload

Do you dread the arrival of the Easter Bunny with his pastel candies and chocolates? If you are hanging on to your New Year's resolutions to manage your diabetes, eat healthier or lose weight, it can be hard not to feel left out when everyone around you is enjoying sweet treats. Food and candy can be a fun part of the holiday, but try not to make them the center of attention. Enjoy time...

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Gather Around the Table for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and there's no better time to get the whole family on board for a healthier lifestyle. Prevention is always the best medicine, so helping kids learn to enjoy healthy foods is an important strategy to raise healthy, well-adjusted, productive adults. Not surprisingly, kids are more likely to eat foods that they've helped prepare. But getting kids involve...

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Top Tips for Healthy Restaurant Dining

One of the biggest obstacles to eating healthy – whether you're new to the game or you're a veteran like me – is going out to eat. Enjoying a nice meal used to be one of life's little pleasures, but is now as much a part of our routine as filling up on gas. In moderation, an occasional heavy meal won't make a huge dent in your diet, but multiple restaurant stops throughout the week...

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Holiday Happiness: Tips to Stay on Track this Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner and extra calories are hiding at every celebration and get-together. As many of us know firsthand, indulging in holiday goodies can result in an extra pound or two by the New Year. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, most Americans do not lose the weight they gain during the winter holidays. But this doesn't mean you're doomed to w...

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Can Obesity be Contagious?

Do you have a new significant other after last week's holiday? Someone special who has been around for a while? Friends, family, and/or children that you love and care about? The people around us affect everything from our political views to how affectionate we are. Not surprisingly, your eating habits may also have a lot to do with your social circle. Take your best friend, for example...

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Get SMART with New Year's Resolutions

Take a deep breath - the holidays (and the endless onslaught of food) are now behind us. But don't get too comfortable; we're just days away from 2012, and like countless other Americans, you're probably making some New Year's resolutions. As with all resolutions, good intentions alone aren't enough, especially if you're trying to get healthy or lose weight (hence why the gym tends to empty out...

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Drink to Your Health this Holiday Season

The holidays are now in full swing, and you've probably received numerous invitations to parties if you haven't attended a few already. Celebrations almost inevitable revolve around tasty treats, but while hard-to-resist goodies are often blamed for weight gain, beverages are often overlooked as a potential source of extra calories. Have you been starting off your days with pepperm...

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Here Come the Holidays - And Extra Pounds?

Like it or not, the holidays are on the way. Although many people welcome the season and everything it brings, others dread a certain something that often comes with it – weight gain. We are all prone to it. How could we not be? Your office might suddenly be home to candy dishes, homemade cookies, cakes, and other goodies. Temptation seems to be everywhere you go, and all before we'v...

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Using Social Media to Improve Your Health

Okay, I did it – I joined Twitter, making me user #175,204,201 (approximately). Today, almost every person, organization, and company under the sun has a blog, app, YouTube page, Facebook profile, or Twitter account. Social media has become an integral part of many peoples' lives, and whether you're keeping in touch with friends or keeping up with the news, these interactive sites ca...

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