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Featuring 'In the Garden' News-Gazette articles by Ryan Pankau, Horticulture Educator, and other horticulture articles.
Eliana Brown Photo Credit  Native prairie plants provide both beauty and functionality to rain gardens
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A Closer Look at Rain Gardens

Posted by Ryan Pankau -

Rain gardens are one way for homeowners to use garden design as means to mitigate storm runoff by capturing and detaining water before it leaves our properties. Although these carefully designed gardens function as tiny rainwater detection areas, you wouldn't know it unless they were inundated with storm water. When it's not raining, they are attractive gardens filled with pollinator habitat an...

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MG Pat Sollars makes wreath
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Create a Holiday Wreath- Sign up for VCMG Dec 4, 2018 'Make and Take' Class

Posted by Jenney Hanrahan -

'Creating a Holiday Wreath' featuring Master Gardener Mary Stonecipher DANVILLE – The holidays are right around the corner and finding time to shop, bake, decorate and enjoy time with loved ones can be challenging. How about spending quality time with friends and family while you make a fresh, fragrant evergreen wreath! Do you...

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Randy Edwards 2018
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Time to Sign up for Master Gardener Training

Are you searching for a unique gift for a friend who just retired? Would you rather be outside in your garden than anywhere else? The University of Illinois Extension Office will be holding Master Gardener Training Classes starting in January 2019. Master Gardeners are volunteers who have a love of gardening and a passion to share it with others, but despite the title, don't claim to know every...

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Teapot planter Bodensteiner Home
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Vermilion County Master Gardeners Garden Walk Sunday June 11, 2017

Posted by Jenney Hanrahan -

Each year, the Master Gardeners highlight different areas of Vermilion County. This year's walk will feature gardens in the North Danville area. The Garden Walk offers the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy the beauty of summer as you meander through gardens that are only open to the public on this one day. Bring a friend or family member and find new ideas for your own garden. Vermilio...

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monarch 2
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Planting Milkweed for Monarchs

For many of us, Monarch butterflies conjure cherished memories of childhood. However, this beloved butterfly once so familiar has become more and more absent from our gardens. Scientists believe a lack of habitat along with colder than usual weather patterns has caused their numbers to drop in recent years. Consider this- the monarch is the only butterfly known to migrate like a bird. They can...

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MG MaryJo McDonald and Pat Sollars
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Vermilion County Master Gardener Annual May Plant Sale in Danville

Posted by Jenney Hanrahan -

Everyone likes a sale and gardeners are no exception. The Vermilion County Master Gardeners will hold their annual Plant Sale on Saturday, May 13 at The First Presbyterian Church, 100 North Franklin St. Danville from 7am - 2pm. The event will take place inside the First Presbyterian Gymnasium. As always there will be a wide selection of annuals, perennials, heirloom tomatoes, herbs and...

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Master Gardener Pat Sollars in DACC Greenhouse
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Celebrate Spring with Garden Day Workshop-Keynote Speaker Doug Tallamy

Posted by Jenney Hanrahan -

The landscape is drab and we impatiently await the first tulip. But hang in there, because the University of Illinois Extension Garden Day Workshop and Spring Festival is right around the corner! For over a decade, local gardeners have celebrated the arrival of spring by attending this yearly event. Garden Day features everything plant lovers enjoy: speakers who entertain and educate, a wide va...

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