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Seasonal Seed Show

By Ava Heap The transition from summer to autumn brings many joys. Gardeners appreciate the reprieve from the heat and humidity. Trees reveal their true splendor, changing their leaves to dramatic dark hues. Also, thousands of seeds, whether from plants or trees, begin their journey to be planted. The dispersal of seeds is nature's way of playing hide-and-seek. Seeds run away from their...

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Jenney veggies

Embracing the Rainbow of Vegetables

By Jenney Hanrahan Eat your veggies. We've all heard the familiar phrase from our mothers, fathers, teachers etc. As children, many of us actually enjoyed those mounds of greens that appeared regularly on our dinner plate each evening. Others consumed them with the same enthusiasm reserved for math homework. Extending the dinner hour by pushing beans around the plate, cutting them into...

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FI Plant 1

Ford-Iroquois Master Gardener Plant Share

Post by Trent Hawker, Horticulture Intern On September 15 the Ford-Iroquois Master Gardeners hosted their fall plant share at the Idea Garden on the grounds of the Onarga Public Library. People from all around came to visit with the Master Gardeners, share some of the plants that had done well in their gardens this year, and take a few new things home to try out. The plant shar...

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Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato186

Top Three Troublesome T's

Posted by Ava Heap -

By Ava Heap This summer, all of our offices serving Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, and Vermilion counties have Master Gardeners available to answer homeowner's horticulture questions. Daily, volunteers filter calls on plant problems. Calls vary depending on weather and season. In the Champaign County Extension office, homeowners have had consistent problems with these three troublesome "T's...

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